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Roskill has been a leader in international metals and minerals research since starting life as one of the UK’s first management consultancies in 1930. Designbooth’s brief was to design and build a new, modern ecommerce website that could list and distribute Roskill’s PDF reports with digital rights management.


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The Brief

Designbooth’s brief was to design and build a new, more modern, ecommerce site that could list and distribute Roskill’s PDF reports with digital rights management. The main objectives were:

  • To be attractive to new and existing customers
  • To become a hub for industry news
  • Reinforce Roskill as the leading reporter
  • The site had to follow Roskill brand guidelines
  • The site had to be responsive—of course!
  • The site had appear less text heavy and more approachable
  • Use more photography and relevant to the subject matter
  • The published reports have to be digital rights managed

We have since updated Roskill’s identity and website, please view here:

Roskill rebrand

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One of Roskill’s main concerns was that fact that their reports were shared illegally throughout the industries. Roskill’s PDF reports were being shared so we added digital rights management to each file to stop this happening.

Roskill website Roskill website Roskill website