Switching to WooCommerce from Shopify

Making the Switch: Why WooCommerce Could Be Better for Your Business

Shopify is a great platform to get your online store up and running quickly, but as your business grows, you might find WooCommerce offers a better fit. Here’s why considering a switch to WooCommerce can be a financially beneficial decision: Greater Control and Flexibility: Open-source advantage: WooCommerce is built on WordPress, an open-source platform. This means you have complete control over your store’s functionality and…

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Tired of Squarespace? Unleash the Power of WordPress with Designbooth’s Expert Migration Service

Moving your website from Squarespace to WordPress can feel like a daunting task. Squarespace’s lock-in and limitations can leave you yearning for more control and flexibility. That’s where we can step in. We understand the intricacies of both platforms and offer a hands-on, meticulous migration service to ensure your website makes a smooth transition to WordPress. Why Choose Designbooth for Your Squarespace to WordPress Migration?…

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New email signature design service launched

After being asked to design and build many email signatures over the years, we decided to launch a brand new dedicated website showing our system for designing, building, distributing and installing email signatures for teams. Check it out here: emailsignatures.uk

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custom branded scaffolding tag inserts

We produced custom branded scaffolding tags inserts that are made to be compatible with Scafftag holders. These equipment tagging replace inserts help prevent working at height hazards and efficiently manage inspection procedures but have also been branded with clients logo and re-typeset for a clearer layout and legibility.

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New corporate identity and website launched for new start-up; Museum Shops

Designbooth has developed a new corporate identity and new website for Museum Shops; an online marketplace dedicated to supporting the work of Museums and contributing to the upkeep of historic buildings throughout Britain. Museum Shops aims to be the virtual high street which enables institutions of vital cultural importance grow and thrive in the crowded world of online retail. More info to follow. View the…

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New branded vans for Licensed Trade Supplies

The new branded vans have arrived for Licensed Trade Supplies featuring the new corporate identity. This should further promote the independent, family run catering equipment supplier, as one of the most effective forms of publicity. see full project here

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Happy smile! New dentist identity and website

We have re-branded a dental clinic in Southsea, Portsmouth, that was formally called Gowers Dental. The new name is Lighthouse Dental Practice and the new identity uses our illustration of the lighthouse in Southsea. The new branding was designed to make the practice look fresh and modern with more Approachable feel. View the new site here  

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New branded trucks for Conxim

Our friends at Conxim have just received their new trucks with the new identity we have designed. Full work story to follow soon. View new website

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Zoho—our CRM of choice

We are all for finding the best kit to use at designbooth and after many software trails and experiments our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) of choice is Zoho. Zoho is not only the leading CRM SaaS (Software as a service) but the zoho suite of business software alongside the CRM is extensive, including; email, SalesIQ visitor tracking system, project management, product inventory, books and invoice system plus…

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Citygrove email signature

Email signatures for Citygrove

Citygrove is a property development and investment company specialising in commercial and residential projects. We were recently asked to design and build email signatures for each member of staff at Citygrove. By building an email signature in HTML and importing into mail software it ensures consistency across the company. View our new dedicated email signature design site here: Find out more about Email Signature Design.

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Neue Haas Grotesk

This website is set in Neue Haas Grotesk

The digital version of Helvetica that everyone knows and uses today is quite different from the typeface’s pre-digital design from 1957. Originally released as Neue Haas Grotesk, many of the features that made it a modernist favourite have been lost in translation over the years from one typesetting technology to the next. Type designer Christian Schwartz has newly restored the original Neue Haas Grotesk in…

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TomTom Running Stand

TomTom stand for The Running Show

We produced a stand for TomTom appearing at The Running Show 2013, 23–24 November at Sandown Park showing the new TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport Watches as part of the TomTom fitness range.

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