A rebrand to match expanding global reach

Roskill has been a leader in international metals and minerals research since starting life as one of the UK’s first management consultancies in 1930. As they expanded globally into other sectors such as events and consulting, it was clear that they needed an update to their corporate identity. Designbooth created and implemented a new corporate identity which would be used on all online and offline material.

Roskill logo

The new logo

The new Roskill logo features a custom re-drawing of Joshua Darden’s Freight Sans and was designed to look modern yet trustworthy and refined. It would also need to be used in multiple division logos so needed to be simple in order to be more flexible.

Roskill division logos

Despite needing a refresh for aesthetic reasons, a new corporate identity and website was required for Roskill at this exciting time that could incorporate new areas of the business. A simpler, cleaner design was to be implemented across all printed matter including: reports, brochures, exhibition displays and stationery.

Being more consistent

The old identity was starting to struggle for consistency after being adapted  over many years. To maintain consistency we set a corporate typeface to be used by all staff on print and web applications and a limited set of colours was chosen. This was fully outlined in a set of corporate guidelines which contained extra information about logo placement, colours, type, layouts and language rules.

Roskill colours


New developments within the company meant that large extra functionality was required on the Roskill website so the entire site was redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. The new website needed to be simpler to navigate whilst actually containing a lot more content. Roskill have recently digitised their reports into a brand new system called Roskill Interactive and the new website needed to work closely with this new software.

New events section

As Roskill have expanded into the corporate events sector, the new site had to accommodate an expanded event section. Each event now has its own identity and sub-section of the site including details on sponsorship, the venue and call for papers, together with the ability to enquire, register and make payment.

Zoho CRM

We work closely with Roskill to feed all website data to Zoho CRM. This is our preferred customer relationship management system and Roskill has found it useful and powerful. All contact form enquires, ecommerce sales, site visits and registration data are transferred via API to the Zoho system. Leads are then assigned to the correct staff member and contacts stored and assigned to newsletter distribution lists.

Previous website

We worked with Roskill to create their previous website too. View this project.