Amazon A+ plus detail pages

Amazon allow partners to produce A+ plus detail pages with accurate product images and informative text-based product descriptions. Designbooth has many years of experience in designing, writing and producing these Amazon A+ plus detail pages that appear on Amazon product pages.

By selecting the correct images and deciding on the best features to present, complex products become easier to understand, helping customers make more informed buying decisions.

A+ Detail Pages can help you to:

  • Increase customer conversion
  • Improve organic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Retain customer interest
  • Educate shoppers about model variations and features
  • Promote brand awareness

We will design and build mock-up detail pages for you to view online—these can be checked and amended before we submit to amazon. We are now building in the Vendor Central A+ module system.

Amazon partners that wish to add this kind of content to their products can do so by creating enhanced HTML-based product descriptions. These A+ detail product descriptions provide additional opportunities to communicate product details to customers:

  • Product features, specifications, and/or technical details not already presented on the page
  • Optimised alternative product images
  • Product comparisons within product families
  • Custom paragraph headers
  • Unique image and text layouts
  • Feature comparison charts
  • Bulleted feature lists
  • Click-to-enlarge images

Note: A+ plus detail pages are only for Amazon vendors with products sold through Amazon, with vendor central not seller central.

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