TomTom Rider sales scoreboard


Sales scoreboard web app

Designbooth were asked by TomTom UK to develop a sales scoreboard web app to track and display top-performing retailers for their ‘Rider’ motorcycle sat nav.


TomTom Rider Scoreboard on mobile

Designed to be viewed by the motorcycle retailers themselves, it is used to track percentage of sales for each branch and show and reward the top-performers in a league table format. The app also included weekly product feature spotlights and a contact form allowing participants to upload images of their point of sale displays. The design is mobile-centric and although the layout adapts up towards desktop screen sizes, it actually only goes as wide as necessary to display the scoreboard nicely.

The scoreboard

The scoreboard was designed to look as simple and readable as possible—this was especially important as we envisaged most people would be looking at this on mobile devices. The stores are ordered by percentage of their sales target sold and show a ‘movement’ indicator of their previous week’s position. From a development perspective, this is all calculated by the backend system when weekly scores are inputted, which means no manual scoring is required.

TomTom Rider Scoreboard TomTom Rider Scoreboard

The new TomTom identity

TomTom have recently updated their identity so the colours, typefaces and imagery in this project was designed to match.

TomTom Rider on mobile TomTom Rider feature on desktop TomTom Rider POS form on desktop