The Checkin

The Checkin

Helping people find mental health services during the COVID-19 outbreak

Designbooth were glad to have the opportunity to work with Matt Johnson, to launch The Checkin directory. Launched during the coronavirus outbreak, the website is designed to get people the mental health services that they will need during the crisis. We were glad to offer our services to this project.



Matt has been working to raise awareness for mental health and recently produced and presented a documentary confronting this difficult subject.

As Matt explains on the website:

‘The term Checkin is very important to me. I first became aware of it whilst on a men’s retreat in 2019. During the retreat myself and 14 other men, all on our own personal mental health journey, often found ourselves sitting in a circle discussing ideas, discussing our life’s purpose…’

‘One of the exercises that we used to break the ice and to open any discussion was to checkin. Each man would say three words to best describe how they felt in that moment in time, with a brief explanation.’

The Checkin on Instagram

This was the origin of the name of the website and Matt’s goal is to offer anyone free access to mental health experts, counsellors, life coaches and psychotherapists, highlighting any special discounts offers that they provide. He hopes the directory will grow to become a well used source of kindness, compassion and care.

Design and functionality

The website was designed and built with a quick turnaround time and there was no existing identity for The Checkin. We wanted to design a website that maintained clarity, simplicity and ease of use throughout. The key goal was that people should be able to navigate and find what they needed, quickly and without any stress.

We built the directory into the front page as we believed it should always remain the central part of the website. Each service provider is listed with their details and also has their own page if the user wants to read more or contact them directly. Anyone can submit their details for inclusion in the directory. The website also contains a blog and other information pages.