A new brand identity cultivated for Agrimagined

Designbooth was thrilled to collaborate with a company passionate about the future of agriculture. Agrimagined approached us seeking a complete rebrand, including a new name, domain name, and a corporate identity that embodied their sustainable mission.


From Seed to Brand: Cultivating Agrimagined

The new name, Agrimagined, perfectly captures the company’s vision: a future where agriculture and environmental well-being flourish together. Designbooth crafted a corporate identity that reflects this harmonious vision.

A logo that speaks volumes

The Agrimagined logo features a bright and optimistic thought bubble. Inside, a landscape of healthy fields and a golden wheat crop basking in the sun symbolises the abundant future Agrimagined strives to create.

This logo is more than just an image; it’s a statement. It reflects Agrimagined’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, healthy soil, and combating climate change, crop disease, and soil degradation.

A brand identity that grows with you

Agrimagined offers a range of products that empower farmers to achieve sustainable practices while maintaining the nutritional value of their crops. The new corporate identity, designed by Designbooth, serves as a visual representation of this commitment. It’s a brand identity that will grow alongside Agrimagined, fostering trust and partnership with farmers dedicated to a sustainable future.

A website rooted in innovation

Designbooth didn’t stop at the logo. We also designed a website for Agrimagined that’s as innovative and sustainable as their products. The website,, breaks the mould of traditional website design, reflecting Agrimagined’s forward-thinking approach. Here are some of the website’s unique features:

  • Quirky Navigation: We ditched the typical top menu bar and placed the navigation options at the bottom of the page. This playful twist encourages users to engage with the content in a fresh way.
  • SVG Power: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are used extensively throughout the website. This not only ensures crisp visuals on any device, but also allows for smooth animations and a dynamic user experience.
  • Multilingual Support: Recognizing the global reach of sustainable agriculture, the website is built to be selectable in multiple languages, making Agrimagined’s solutions accessible to a wider audience.
  • Mobile-First Design: In today’s mobile-driven world, Designbooth prioritized creating a website that functions flawlessly on all devices, especially smartphones and tablets.

Showcasing success stories

The website proudly features Agrimagined’s entire product line, allowing farmers to explore the innovative solutions that can help them cultivate crops responsibly. It also showcases compelling case studies, highlighting how Agrimagined has successfully partnered with farmers in Africa and beyond to achieve remarkable results.

A website built to grow

With a future-focused approach, the website is designed to scale alongside Agrimagined’s growth. This allows for the seamless integration of new products, case studies, and information as the company expands its reach and impact.

By collaborating with Agrimagined, Designbooth has helped cultivate a brand identity and website that are as vibrant and sustainable as the future of agriculture they envision.