Zoho—our CRM of choice

We are all for finding the best kit to use at designbooth and after many software trails and experiments our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) of choice is Zoho.

Zoho is not only the leading CRM SaaS (Software as a service) but the zoho suite of business software alongside the CRM is extensive, including; email, SalesIQ visitor tracking system, project management, product inventory, books and invoice system plus much more.

Zoho SalesIQ

We have installed zoho’s visitor tracking system; salesIQ on sites we manage. This means our clients can get live visitor information such as their location, web path through the site and their referrer. A live chat can also be engaged in real time with targeted messages.

WordPress Gravity forms to zoho integration

We use WordPress with Gravity Forms for any forms needed on our clients website. When visitors fill in these gravity forms, the data is sent directly and automatically to the “Leads” section in Zoho CRM