Axiom Maths

Axiom Maths

Building a Website for Mathematical Minds

Axiom Maths is an organisation that partners with schools to help children develop their mathematical abilities and potential. Their mission is to empower children who have an aptitude and interest in math to reach their full potential.

Designbooth took centre stage in crafting the new website for Axiom Maths, reflecting the organisation's fresh identity. The site itself embodies the gradual growth Axiom Maths fosters in its students.


A key element is the captivating SVG animation of a dragon curve, a mathematical fractal that intricately unfolds. This animation seamlessly blends with the brand’s overall identity graphics. The logo itself becomes interactive – a simple touch triggers a playback animation, again utilizing SVG for smooth rendering.

To further personalise the experience, each page on the website received bespoke design and build. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the student images, which were carefully cut out and layered over the underlying graphics. The final product is a website that not only informs but also resonates with the intellectual journey young mathematicians embark on with Axiom Maths.