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TomTom Hub media storage site

TomTom Hub media storage site

TomTom Hub is Designbooth’s online file storage and sharing web application for TomTom UK. It is an image bank / media file distribution site which provides permanent and safe storage for documents, video, device images, logos, advertising images and artwork files.

TomTom Hub is hosted on one of Designbooth’s Stringbeat dedicated servers so that large images can be uploaded and downloaded at ease and at speed.

Web developers from the major online retailers can access the latest images of TomTom devices. The UK TomTom team can arrange files in folders, create public links to folders or selected files, customize access rights. Other features include:

  • Quick and easy bulk files upload
  • Create links to files and folders and instantly share them
  • Emailing files as attachments
  • Copy/move/delete files and folders