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TomTom product selector microsite

The TomTom Selector microstore

The TomTom selector microstore is our bespoke trade marketing solution for TomTom. It is a “pocket guide” brandstore for TomTom products, features and services. This is integrated into major retailers’ sites, such as Amazon, Tesco, PC World, Currys and Halfords.  It provides a unique opportunity to showcase TomTom using animation and video in an accessible way. It is a webstore within a retailer’s site which draws attention to the brand and encourages customers to buy.

Designbooth hosts the application on its Stringbeat servers which means that the entire application is remotely updatable when new content becomes available or new TomTom products are launched. We also provide full statistical reports of consumer traffic through the selector microstore on retailers sites.

TomTom enjoy the control over the content displayed on major retailers’ sites which connects directly with the consumer at the point of purchase as well as consistent product information across multiple territories. The microstore is translated and also used in Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Italy and South Africa.

View the German version of the Selector on

View the old flash sector on halfords

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