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Email signature design

an example of a well designed email signature

With email signatures being the modern equivalent of business letterhead paper, properly branded corporate email signatures has never been more important to a company’s image. How many more clients receive an email from you than a letter? Has you email signature got bad typography, inaccurate details with a hastily generated rough looking company logo as an attachment. All members of staff should have a consistent design look for there email signatures as this the front line of corporate branding.

Properly designed branded email signatures that follow you corporate identity should not have graphic files which show up as an attachment which causes unnecessary clogging of inboxes and confuses the receiver when an important attachment is really sent. Email signatures need to be crafted, built and installed for different email clients / applications for both sending and receiving. At designbooth we specialise in developing beautiful email signatures that follow your corporate identity.

Email disclaimers are not necessary in your email signature. please see this article from the economist; Spare us the e-mail yada-yada