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Psychology Chartered Re-Brand

Psychology Chartered

Psychology Chartered is a team of Clinical Psychologists with a broad range of expertise in assessing and treating complex clinical conditions. Designbooth was asked to create a new identity, website and literature that was approachable, yet professional. Psychology is a complex field; our job was to simplify this into an organised, approachable service.

The new Psychology Chartered logo is a representation of many simple and complex fields overlapping, yet being housed within one simple element: the triangle. The various colours used also express the various services being offered.

Illustrations were used on the website to make the site appear more distinguishable and approachable. However, a professional look was maintained by remaining consistent to the brand colours and by using the chosen corporate typeface, Source Sans. The site is built around a visual and information hierarchy which allows the user to find the most appropriate information when they visit each page.

The printed material was produced in a similar way and by using different coloured papers, the brand could be expressed without being intrusive.