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Nike+ SportWatch microsite

The main image of the Nike+ sportwatch GPS powered by tomtom microsite

View the flash SportWatch microsite here

Designbooth provided an end-to-end solution by designing and developing an in-depth microsite product tour. This introduces and explains all the unique features of the Nike+ SportWatch GPS. This can be used as a stand alone microsite but also installed on third party retailers sites. The new Nike+ SportWatch GPS has an abundance of great features which needed to be explained to the viewer in a quick and approachable way. The ability to play videos also had to be included. We produced our own videos of runners using the SportWatch to be used as a graphical element.

View the non flash SportWatch microsite here

Nike+ SportWatch GPS can accurately track your running routes and is compatible with Polar products, so you can also monitor your heart rate if it is combined with a heart rate monitor. The GPS technology works in tandem with a Nike+ shoe sensor to capture every step of your run, tracking your pace, distance, time and calories. It will store your run history and personal records which can then be uploaded onto the Nike+ website where you can also find challenging new routes, track your goals, challenge your friends and receive coaching tips. The watch strap has USB contacts to allow direct connection.