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New TomTom product selector live on tesco direct

New TomTom product selector live on tesco direct

The new TomTom selector is a brand new HTML & javascript version based on the flash version we built previously. Due to the increase in mobile devices it became necessary to update the TomTom selector from its previous Flash version to a newer HTML version. This means that anyone can view it on any device. It is a “pocket guide” brand store that will be integrated into major retailers’ sites to help consumers explore TomTom products, features and services.

Due to the fact this can be placed on any retailers site, the new selector had to be built as flexible as possible; it was therefore produced as a responsive design; this means that it adapts to work at various widths and should seamlessly fit into any external website.

The design is inspired by the TomTom brand and continues to provide a unique opportunity to showcase TomTom in an accessible way. It is hosted by Designbooth and uses a custom content management system; this allows easy updates to product ranges when necessary. The user interface requires a lot of information to be stored and displayed within a small space on screen; therefore functionality was key during the planning of this project.

View the Selector Live on Tesco Direct