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Ultimate tracker

Tracks everything you need to know about the run: your time, distance, route, heart rate* and calories burned.


Tracks run data

The sportwatch works with GPS and the Nike+ Sensor in your shoe to record your distance, pace, elapsed time and calories burned.


Tracks route data

The sportwatch uses a GPS (global positioning system) satellite-based navigation network to track your location, and utilizes that information to determine your pace and distance when running outside. Even as running surface and stride length vary, GPS maintains its accuracy.


Nike+ sensor

Included in the box with the Nike+ Sportwatch is a Nike+ sensor. This accelerometer monitors is placed in your Nike+ shoe (there is a built-in pocket specifically designed for it under the insole) and will work with the Sportwatch to continuously track the motion of your footstrike and your run info when a GPS signal is weak, or when you are running indoors.


heart rate

You can track your heart rate with your watch when you link it to a heart rate monitor (such as the Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter, sold separately). The electrode areas on the inside of the strap detect your heartbeat, and the monitor sends it to the sportwatch.


Personal coach

Reminds you to run, stores your Nike+ history, and remembers your personal bests


run history

The Sportswatch displays statistics for your 50 most recent runs in reverse chronological order. You will see the date and distance and other stats of each run.


run reminders

Onscreen run reminders help get you out the door. reminds you to run and reminders you to log your runs. Run Reminders appear after five days if a run has not been logged.


personal records

The sportswatch keeps track of your personal records. When you connect the watch to nikeplus.com, it will automatically sync your personal records for: fastest mile, fastest 5k, fastest 10k, and longest run. If you achieve a new personal record after a run, you'll see congratulatory message on your watch.



After recording your run, you can upload your workout info to nikeplus.com, where you can track your progress, set goals, challenge others, see where you ran and find great routes. Your watch records up to 15 hours of run info.
watch nikeplus.com video
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Map your routes, set new goals, join challenges and find routes as a member of the world's largest running club.connects


Connects with friends

After your workout, connect the watch to a USB port on your computer to upload your runs to nikeplus.com, see where you ran, set personal goals, challenge your friends, and find great routes.


find routes

find local running routes in your area


Nike+ connect app

Download the Nike+ Connect software to your computer. Each time you connect your watch to that computer the software will automatically launch, uploading your runs to nikeplus.com, and removing them from the watch's memory. The Nike+ Connect software also allows you to customize your settings


Share run activity

Share your run activity on Facebook or Twitter.


quick start

GPS and the Nike+ shoe-based sensor combine to give accurate performance data - indoors and out - immediately. You can run with your watch, right out of the box.


GPS by TomTom

Start tracking your run instantly and get accurate speed and distance information. GPS uses a satellite-based navigation network to track your location, and utilizes that information to determine your pace and distance when running outside. Even as running surface and stride length vary, GPS maintains its accuracy.


easy to use

Simple and intuitive by design, only three buttons and a tap screen gives you access to all functions. Tapping the screen mark laps as you are running, or turns on the backlight.


USB connection

There is a USB connection built into the sportwatch strap, for connecting to a computer to charge the battery, change settings, and uploading your run info to nikeplus.com. Your watch will automatically sync your personal records.


in the box

1. Nike+ SportWatch GPS
2. Nike+ Sensor
3. USB cable
4. Quick Start Guide