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Portsmouth Freelancers Meet Bomberman Edition


What do you get when you cross PFMeet, 10 controllers and a pub? Portsmouth Freelancers Meet Bomberman Edition! Something a little different for you all… it’s games night next time at pfmeet and we have a classic for you; the famous 10 player Sega Saturn Bomberman from 1997! This is the double multitap, 10 controller [...]

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The Running show stand for TomTom

The running show stand for TomTom

We produced a quick stand for the Running show 23-24 Nov 2013 at Sandown Park for TomTom fitness; showing the new TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport Watches.

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New TomTom GO 500 & GO 600 A+ Aplus pages for

New TomTom GO 500 aplus page

Our brand new aplus pages for the new TomTom Go range have just gone live in Germany on – see hereät-Zoll-Touch-Display/dp/B00CL9UGHU/ät-Zoll-Touch-Display/dp/B00CL9UJHC/  

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TomTom UK Traffic Congestion Levels infographic

TomTom UK Traffic Congestion Levels

There seems to be a lot of these around at the moment: blog friendly info graphics. Narrow enough to fit to most blogs but as long as it needs to get the point across. Here is our design for an infographic showing the breakdown of Traffic Congestion in the UK – where London is not [...]

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TomTom Brand shop re-launched on

An image of the TomTom brand shop on

We have just updated the TomTom Brand shop on The new version contains product banners and links to the Nike+ Sportwatch and New GO LIVE 800 Series and the rest of the full range of TomTom devices in Germany. The Brand shop also contains the updated German version of the TomTom selector Microstore.  

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